A dark sidescrolling action platformer featuring a twisted revenge story

Our Projects

The following projects are simply prototypes and have no guarantee to be released for sale.

Our Development Process

First off: we use Gamemaker Studio 2 and Unity 3D to create our projects. However we start on paper prototyping fleshing out the story elements, main features and so on. After that and we're convinced the project deserves a primitive prototype we will begin the designing and development process towards a working prototype.

Once an early prototype is complete we will decide if the project should be continued (if it looks promising). We further develop the prototype into a "public version" which includes more core features, while containing less placeholder content than the previous prototype. We then like to release it for free to everyone. All in an effort to gain actual player feedback on the project.

If the public seems interested in the project we'll then continue its development into a pre-alpha build. Once the project hits pre-alpha it's more than likely something we'll continue to develop until it reaches a stable alpha state. From there we'll begin offering the project for sale in our "First Access" program which means you can purchase the title from our website, itch.io etc. (Pre-Steam)

Once the project reaches a stable beta stage we'll submit the project to Steam Direct to be listed on the store front. We'll then deliver Steam Keys to all of our First Access customers. When the game is fully released we'll then begin porting the project to Mac and Linux.

Latest News

Stay informed with how our projects are doing and what's coming next