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About Us

In short, we're a very tiny indie developer!
Want the longer version?

We’re a very tiny indie development team that are currently working on several prototypes with absolutely no commitment of a full release. To explain, our current plan is to develop several prototypes until we find one that both the team and the community thinks we have something worth developing further.

We will keep development on that project for Windows only. This helps us focus on what’s most important, the internal mechanics and gameplay of the project. Once we feel it’s in a stable enough state or even a competely finished project we will then begin porting it to other desktop platforms. Mac will take priority and then finally for Linux (Ubuntu).

If the sales merit it, at some point post release we will begin porting the game to console platforms (Ps4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch). The order of which platforms take priority over others will depend on the gameplay mechanics of the game itself or where we feel we’ll see the most profits on our return of investment. After all, we need as much as we can so that we can really polish a title or work in a future project after this one.

Our end goal is to ideally have a team of six or less, all paid full-time. You see we’re passionate creators, we only care about making a living and releasing quality work. We’re not here to become millionaires, although that’d be nice, our true passion is to advance our abilities and keep making games, better and better.

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